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What is White Supremacy?

Post by DD Olmeana, Aug 2, 2018.
Finance Marketing

White Supremacy is an economic vehicle built for white people only... Black folks think that white supremacy is an emotional issue, but that's only part of the distraction, but only for black people.

Since we apparently have the hand out mentality, we can't see straight, it is so easy to pull 1 dollar, better at 12 dollars out our own pockets and create our own Economic Vehicle and we would see beyond our current state of mind. 

So as long as black folks do all their shopping in white stores only, we will continue to fund our own oppression, because all those dollars go right back to the white supremacy economic vehicle and only a damn fool would turn off Trillions of Dollars, so as long as we are emotionally distracted by fear of white terrorism.

I do realize that white terrorism in fact is an emotional issue which gives us even more reason to do this for our people because they have collected and will continue collecting your damn dollar, the same damn dollar you refused to invest in or you just didn't know you can, now we can build our own Economic Machine. 



38 Million Native Blacks with 1 Dollar is 47.4 Million Dollars

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EIN Assigned: 83-1240659 Legal Name: NATIVE BLACK ECONOMIC FUND



The Attack from White Supremacy

Post by AThomas, Aug. 2, 2018.

The attack on black consciousness has always come by way of the TV, as well as all forms of entertainment, and the goal is to project signals into your sub-conscious mind, and white entertainment has projected million of hours of information into our sub-conscious minds that comes back into our conscious mind as an idea, and the idea is be a clown, be a coon, you are a child, blacks are stupid, white is better, white is success, blacks are helpless, white men are better, black men are children, black people are beggar's, black people are crack users, these are just a few of the signals that bang on the sub-conscious of everyone that looks at that TV, and we can change all that shit, with our own Media Centers

Your current behavior has been programed by the TV or a Movie, now think about if you controlled mass media, and your vision is to exploit white people as poor little niggers, I don't want them in my hood because they bring down the value of our property, and then pump up the ego's of all black people with that information and we'll look down on them as if we have privilege.

Dr. Bill Cosby, yeah, the same one that was raped by mass media, well, he created a show that gave black folks a complete new and honorable signal and before they let him re-broadcast that positive black signal, they killed his show and destroyed his legacy, but intelligent dark skinned people understand that we need all those hours back in Native Black Media. 

If you still believe you can leave your children in front of a television for hours at a time, then make sure they are watching the The Huxtable's, and make sure they'll get the correct signals in their sub-conscious mind, that will motivate them to graduate high school and College....   (pervert my ass, his practice created black statistics, so you mean. Doctor) 


We Need Administrators

Post by DD Olmeana, Aug 2, 2018.
Finance Marketing

The $12.00 Dollar Donation times all our people comes to $568.8 Million Dollars, that is 5, $100 Million Dollar projects, or 10, $50 Million Dollar projects, or 20, $25 Million Dollar Projects, but we keep reacting to the wrong information and we need to see this clearly and dump the emotional bullshit, because this is Business, they are not going to stop collecting Trillions of Dollars because 1,  they programmed you to have an emotional delusionary view of real life, and their mass media locked that shit in your head using your emotions.  Wake the hell up!

The white supremacy economic machine is not going to stop working for whites only because black people's feelings are hurt, and it no longer matters what you have been saying, because they practice a collective science, and programed blacks to think it's all about an individual, delusional thinking. it's all about a collective science, with the power of 47.4 Million people.

20 $25 Million projects every month for 12 months is 240 trips across 52 States 3 times and we'll still have change left over in our Economic Fund.

Even Huey Newton knew his basic skin color was not black, but our power as a collective, is still Black Power, so again, wake up, it's the collective output, it never concerned skin color, because the klan did all sorts of shit based on our color, so ask yourself "what the hell would we gain by saying were black in terms of economics" that's so far out of context that it can only serve, confusion.

Now, with our own 52 Administrators across America, we'll realize that we need more administrators, and we all must target the same goals in each state, we need our own media centers in all 52 states to communicate with our people, we need schools, businesses, real estate, banking, and more, we can start all this at the cost of a $12.00 Netflix monthly fee.  

Our own Media centers can promote, and program, Native Black Greatness!