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47.4 Million Native Blacks with $1 dollar, is 47.4 Million Dollars 

47.4 Million is our combined monthly net worth as a collective, and we don't know it, and we don't act as a team and that's a big ass problem, because it continues to be our setback, and we see people come here illegally and open up Grocery Stores, Trucking Companies, Restaurants, plus, and at some point, some of us will support their business efforts instead of our own, we think we can get jobs with them when we should be their competition, not their purse holder (customer), we need to build our own purse and invest in our people exactly like they do, and like we see them do. 


The dollar that I'm talking about we the NBA Nation all are actually throwing it away,

just 1 of those dollars thrown away for 12 months, by 47.4 Million people,

Equals 568.8 Million dollars per year, and I know we can start Native Black American businesses with that Amount of Money.

See this CHART because the numbers don't lie,

for the same price we pay for Net Flix, we can jump start our own Economy

We need to capture that dollar, and harness that dollar, and manage that dollar as a collective fund under our own Economic Plan and Leadership and put our own dollars to work for all 47.4 Million

Native Black Americans, in

The Native Black Economic Fund 

An individual with 1 dollar can't do nothing, but a collective can move mountains with 1 dollar, and build Mountains with $12.00...

A group of 47.4 Million can make Multiple opportunities that creates our future businesses, for and owned by, Native Black Americans and all that  we need to be productive.

Invest that dollar in Native Black People and see, how even 1 dollar can work in our benefit


We also need a intellectual body of Men & Women across the United States to administrate our projects and manage our dollar.

It has been estimated that our numbers are more like 47.4 Million Native Black Americans and that 20 Million are literally F'd up in the head, then that leaves 20 Million of us to act like Leaders, or Parents, or even Grand Parents, to help solve our problems.

By building this Fund we will not only leave something behind for children, but we also have the task of teaching them how to operate it. 


If you agree, and you would invest your 1 dollar in our Future Progress,

and you also want to see this with your own eye's, then invest in our own

Economic Development Fund.

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I will Invest in Native Black Indigenous American People

Native Black Americans
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